by DJ Slurk



I'm calling in the cavalry today
cause I cannot win this battle alone
I'm finding forks in the road but I am going my own way
but that's my life and it's okay

I wake up on a fresh day, I gotta get my head straight
Chemical and meditative intervention on the way
I gotta get that elevated mental state, let me demonstrate
I spit my mind and hope somebody out there can relate to me
Love and hate feel the same to me
Everything in life is like a motherfucking game to me
Ready Player One in a simulated matrix
Building up a strong foundation from the basics
Chasing bank and I'm so close that I can taste it
If you got a deal on the table, I'm a take it
Stay awake until the day that I make it
Stay ready to do whatever it takes, every day
Spitting heat over the beats that I created
Always original cause I can't stand fake shit
Soundcloud playlist always with the same shit
Watch me make a banger and outpace the game with it

Back into the lab to craft masterpiece of mind intact
Confident that any single one of my tracks
Has potential to propel me to the front of the pack
In spite of the fact that I can never be forgetting the past
Nevertheless, I never regretted any of the actions that I had to make
that made me the man that I am today
I spent my twenties fucking up and learning from it
Gonna spend my thirties catching up and earning money
and I kinda find it funny that I'm just now coming up
and bringing that heat cause I been sitting on beats
since I was like sixteen years young
Never quite took it seriously enough
to be the prodigy I could have become
but good things come to those who wait
and every dog has its day
and I'm asking myself what I can do right now
to make tomorrow just a little bit better than today


released September 21, 2018
Beat, vocals, lyrics, arrangement, recording, and mixing by Michael Gerber.


all rights reserved



DJ Slurk Duluth, Minnesota

Making noise in northern Minnesota. Sometimes I play in punk bands, sometimes I make beats. Sometimes I rap, sometimes my friends rap.

I do this for creative fulfillment, but I do also enjoy eating food and having a place to live. If you'd like to help financially support what I do:
■ Downloads, commercial leasing, customs, merch and artwork are available through my website:
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